Ava Lee Scott is a Performing Artist, Actress, VR Content Creator and Artistic Director, born in Brooklyn, New York. Formal training began at The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, classical theater studies followed at The New School and Southampton College with Alec Baldwin, where he cast her as Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire and finally a graduate of the Sanford Meisner technique with William Esper 2001-2004 and Maggie Flanigan 2007-2010. In 2011 through 2017, Ava created and performed as the Gypsy Alchemist Annabella in the Off Broadway show Sleep No More, and a children's show called Potions & Planting. In addition to the Off Broadway show, she performed in over 40 Immersive shows from 2011 to 2017 produced at The McKittrick Hotel. In 2014, Ava created Serenade; an immersive musical production based on a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, she wrote the book and lyrics and played the lead character Lilith. In 2016, Ava created an immersive theater experience, "Tennessee on Hudson", celebrating the life of America’s great playwright Tennessee Williams. In 2017, Ava founded and is the Artistic Director of Actors Theater of NYC. ATNYC is a multidisciplinary acting company that develops and produces original works of art in theater, immersive theater, film, VR and multimedia.


In 2018, Ava created ANNABELLEE as above, so below, a multidimensional experience, to be performed in every storytelling platform; VR/AR, Interactive Website, Phone APP, Immersive Theater Experience and an Original Scripted Supernatural Series with 22 Episodes. Annabellee VR Experience, is being produced by AltspaceVR/Microsoft's international social virtual reality platform, launching in May, 2018.


Ava's inspirations are Anne Frank, Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein, Bruce Lee, Edgar Allan Poe, Martin Luther King, Marina Abramovic, Eleonora Duse, Rainer Maria Rilke, Martha Graham, Anaïs Nin, Ava Gardner, Ridley Scott, Maya Angelou, John Cassavetes, Tennessee Williams, Walt Whitman, Robert De Niro, Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg and her mother who continues to guide her. Ava's mentors are William Esper and Maggie Flanigan with whom she trained the Sanford Meisner technique in acting.


Ava believes in the power and responsibility of storytelling. “It is our responsibility as storytellers to give a voice to the voiceless and to shine a light on all corners of the world.”



Ava Lee Scott


Born March 1st, 1976 Brooklyn, New York


1982 Art selected to be shown in the Art Exhibit Brooklyn Salute to Creative Youth


1990 Schools Storytelling Champion


1996-Present Lifetime Member Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA


1998 Performer/Dancer - The Red Queen The Joyce Theater Soho Looking Glass Dancer Press: The New York Times “The Libido & Literature as Inspiration”


1999 Dramatic Arts Training Method Acting The Lee Strasberg Institute NYC


2001-2004 Dramatic Arts/Sanford Meisner Technique with William Esper at The William Esper Studio NYC


2002 Producer/Director Documentary - Urban Survivors about children surviving in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


2004 Fundraiser Creator/Producer/Director/Performer American Cancer Society Angels for a Cause A nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem.


2004 Training Dramatic Arts Classical Theater with Alec Baldwin South Hampton College


2005 Producer/Writer/Director Posttags Story of a veteran surviving with PTSD in NYC *Film festival selection for best narrative short / Rome International Film Festival


2005-Present Stunt Performer TV/Film: The Tick, Dietland, Civil, Law & Order SVU & CI, Life on Mars, Believe, Tell Tale, Taking of Pelham 123, Zarra’s Law, Step Up, Righteous Kill, The Avengers, Noah


2006 Performer Tangle Show to support The 9/11 Fund and lower Manhattan


2007-2010 Professional Acting Conservatory Graduate Trained with Maggie Flanigan at The Maggie Flanigan Studio in NYC. Awarded full work scholarship Shakespeare, Actors Movement, Western Canon, Voice and Speech


2007 & 2016 Master class with Maggie Flanigan


2010 Carol Cutrere in Orpheus Descending TENN99 Labyrinth Theater celebrating Tennessee Williams birthday with 24 hour readings of all his plays


2009-2012 Volunteer New York Inter-Group Bring recovery to women prisoners in Rikers Island, New York City Department of Corrections


2010 Producer/Actor The Shoemaker A 1950s story about an Italian American Shoemaker and his Wife.


2011-2017 Performer Sleep No More Off Broadway NY Created and performed the character Annabella The Medium, The Gypsy, The Alchemist in the show


2011 Writer/Actor DORM a play The story of a young woman’s death in prison and the lives of the women in Rikers Island.


2011-2014 Creator/Producer/Director Storytelling events at The McKittrick Hotel


2011-2017 Actor Performed over 40 characters in over 40 shows/events at The McKittrick Hotel NYC


2011-2017 Actor Potions & Planting Performer in Children’s show at Sleep No More


2013 Creator/Producer Girl Be Heard Non Profit Organization Stories about sex trafficking where girls from this theater company told stories about sex trafficking. Girl Be Heard develops, amplifies, and celebrates the voices of young women through socially conscious theatre-making.


2014 Writer/Actor Emily Was Here – a film Dedicated to Emily Roebling, who helped build the Brooklyn Bridge and the first person to walk over the bridge. Emily Was Here is the story of a woman mourning her lovers death on the Brooklyn Bridge. She meets a stranger who helps her cross, she soon realizes he’s no stranger at all. Currently can be seen as a graphic novel on instagram.


2014 Producer/Creator DreamYard Non-Profit Organization Created a show and fundraiser for DreamYard in memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was on the board of this organization which collaborates with Bronx youth, families and schools to build pathways to equity and opportunity through the arts.


2014-2015 Creator/Producer/Writer/Director/Actor Serenade Off Broadway NY An Immersive Musical based on a poem by Edgar Allan Poe


2015-2016 Concierge Specialist One World Observatory Top of One World Trade Center Created the Concierge Department at One Dine/One World Observatory


2016 Performer Life is Priceless Foundation NY Performed for this foundation which supports those (sufferers and caretakers) who are struggling or have struggles with major depression and suicide.


2016 Nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Tunnelvision at the Sparrow Film Project Gala screened at the Museum of the Moving Image


2017 Solo Performer in The Hall of Magic Immersive Installation at The William Vale Hotel, The Oracle based on the Sci-Fi TV show The Magician


2017 Art Director for Citizen Kane New Orleans film about a man on his deathbed and finding peace with his life.


2017 Creator/Producer/Actor Tennessee on Hudson Immersive Promenade Theatrical Experience, this original experience is based on 12 plays and 38 characters by Tennessee Williams and celebrating his birthday in a New Orleans themed setting.


2017 Creator/Producer/Actor Annabella’s Gypsy Salon A celebration of the Gypsy Annabella in Sleep No More with Songs and Stories based on the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards.


2017- Present Producer, Creator, Actor The Elevator Series. An original instagram series.


2017 - Present Founder/ Co-Artistic Director/ Producer/Actors Theater of NYC, aka ATNYC is a nonprofit organization supporting diversity in theater, film and multimedia. Our mission is to illuminate the human experience through storytelling in theater, film and multimedia.

2018 Creator ANNABELLEE as above, so below. A multidimensional experience. Annabellee story is told on all multimedia and theatrical platforms, including Virtual Reality, Immersive Theater, 22 Episodes in an Original scripted series, an Interactive website and App in AR. Launching Experience with AltspaceVR Microsoft May 2018